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  • Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle
    Main transparency in glass bottles, because the requirement of transparency, the light can illuminate to come in, in the part of the glass bottle which affect the quality of the drug, which recently appeared a can absorb uv glass bottle, solve the problem between transparency and light. Main methods or absorb ultraviolet (uv) is added in the manufacturing of oxide. Both beverages,...
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  • Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale
    It is glass bottle manufacturer, is directly with the manufacturer of the landlord; Advantage is don't have to worry about being cheated, the disadvantage is that is not necessarily the most affordable price, because the factory is the boss, the boss of pricing price is at least as well as a salesman, in fact, sometimes is higher than the price of the salesman, and the boss because business is...
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  • Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale
    Second, the fragility of prominent medicinal glass bottle. There are some hidden dangers in using. Medicinal glass since this year, however, development of social market economy demand can be increased rapidly. First of all, in the global outbreak, need a lot of vaccination. This makes the pharmaceutical packaging market growing need for economic and social development has very obvious....
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  • Empty Glass Foundation Bottle
    Environmental protection, environmental protection. We are difficult to understand for the high price of disposable infusion, this increased the burden of patients, left a lot of theme title environment, used for waste disposal. Why countries did not publish some policy to encourage and support the use of glass bottles, limiting the use of disposable plastic and chemical products, paper...
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  • Blue Bottle Serum
    In our country, the glass bottle inspection content is as follows: 1. Appearance defects inspection: the appearance defect inspection is according to the product quality standard of product inspection, weed out unqualified products. Different USES of glass bottles for defects have different requirements. Glass Oil Dropper Bottle bottle size inspection: product geometry inspection is...
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  • glass cream jars
    Find two distribution in order to prevent a virtual distribution monopoly high freight, but can't report to multiple distribution. In this way, "causing distribution station" will think you are in a hurry delivery, always control the vehicle and drive up the freight, cause unnecessary waste.Glass bottles through the glass cream jars logistics delivery should pay attention to the...
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